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René P3f - "The Mr Fantasy Groove"

I made this Track only with my MPC1k. The vocal-words are my own voice, i've recorded it in WaveLab, added a few effects and loaded up into the MPC1k. The sample in the background was taken from the Song "Dear Mr Fantasy" from the english rock band "Traffic" released with the US pressing "Heaven is in your mind" 1967, UK#8, US#88.


MPC & Cubase Beat "Tere Kaaran"

The Sample is from an old Indian Bollywood Film.

The song "Tera Kaaran Mere Sajan" from Aan Milo Sajna.

Made the Basic Beats with my MPC 1000,tracked out to Cubase, arranged it and added few effects.

The Video-Sound is not the best, but better than nothing.


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